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Orange Tea Scrub

Orange Tea Scrub

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Struggling with rough texture, stubborn dark spots that constantly stare back at you or clogged pores?

Buff away dead skin cells on your face or whole body if you please with our Orange Tea Scrub! Exfoliating should be a routine part of your skincare process to slough off dead skin cells making way for new ones. This natural combo of organic brown sugar, ground green tea with a hint of orange citrus will leave your skin feeling super smooth and glowy!

This scrub targets:

-Dark Spots

- Clogged Pores

-Acne Breakouts

Directions: Use twice a week (once for sensitive skin) after using the Green Tea Facial Soap. To use - scoop a quarter size amount into the palm of your hands. Mix in 1 teaspoon of water and gently apply to your damp skin. Do not apply pressure. Rinse and proceed with your toner.

*Be careful not to apply water to the container so as to avoid contamination.

*Size: 4 oz jar

Ingredients: Organic, Brown Sugar, Green Tea, Almond oil, Orange Essential Oil, Lavender Oil

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