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Green Tea Dark Spot Corrector

Green Tea Dark Spot Corrector

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Sick of dark spots and hyperpigmentation that just won't seem to go away even when you've literally tried everything?

The Green Tea Dark Spot Corrector is an oil-based serum formulated to reduce dark spots, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring and age spots. Green tea works along with a powerful combination of oil to combat problem skin. The corrector also reduces redness and inflammation in skin. It's gentle and light enough to use twice per day (morning and night) during your normal skincare routine. You will begin to see your scars fade with consistent use of this product in a few short weeks.

This serum targets:


-Dark Spots


-Inflammation from hormonal acne


Directions: Apply sparingly to dark spots after daily toner (morning and night). Massage well into your skin. May be used externally on any body part. 

Ingredients: Green Tea, Almond Oil, Frankincense Oil, Helichrysum oil, Licorice Root Extract

Choose between a 15 ml, 30 ml or 60ml bottle!

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